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Andiron: A horizontal iron bar used to hold logs in an open fireplace. Also called a firedog, dog iron, or dog. These are a fun way to bring the decoration of your fireplace screen and fireplace tool set into your hearth!

Ash Can/Coal Hod: Used to hold or store ashes or coal. Traditionally, a metal bucket or can.

Bellows: A fireplace tool that blows air by force onto a fire to stoke it. This fireplace tool eliminates the need to blow directly onto the fire, so the user is less likely to be burned.

Brush: This fireplace tool has bristles and functions like a miniature broom. It cleans soot and twigs off your floor and your fireplace, and is also great for reaching those cracks and crevices deep in your fireplace!

Candelabra: A candelabra is a great alternative to an actual fire in your fireplace. Candles can be placed and secured on each arm of the candelabra and lit; thus creating a warm, inviting glow in your fireplace.

Fireback: A device placed in the back of the fireplace to protect the back wall of the fireplace from fire damage, and to radiate heat back into the home. Also, a great way to tie together your fireplace screen and fireplace tool set!

Fireplace Screen: A screen that covers the opening of indoor or outdoor fireplaces, to prevent sparks or embers from flying out of the fire. The fireplace screen also acts as decorative accent around your fireplace.

Fireplace Tool Set: A set of tools made specifically for the fireplace to help stoke, manage, and put out the fire. Often, these tools complement or match their corresponding fireplace screen.

Fireplace Tool Set Stand This portion of the fireplace tool set stores and keeps all your tools together. The stand typically has a wide or square base and a long pole with several places in which the fireplace tools are stored.

Poker: This device is generally the largest of the fireplace tools, and works great for making small adjustments to your fire while it burns.

Tongs: This fireplace tool allows you to grab logs and move them comfortably and safely into the fire.

Shovel: Fireplace shovels differ from garden shovels because they have a straight edge, rather than a spade end. The shovel allows you to quickly clean and discard old ashes.

Wood Basket: A metal basket-shaped fireplace tool that stores wood fashionably by your fireplace and fireplace screen. This fireplace tool also makes trips to and from the woodpile much easier.

Dimensional Conventions:

Length: Measument from Left to Right

Width: Measument from Front to Back

Height: Measument from Top to Bottom